Chairwomen Statement

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The issue of providing basic education for children and young people and their empowerment has been a vital requirement for all countries of the world, both developing and developed. This issue has received much attention in current world minds. In response to this concept, "Educators Without Borders" has emerged as a major player in the provision of basic educational services for children worldwide. “Educators Without Borders” strives to expand the scope of its educational services and highlight the vulnerable and poor segments of society, especially disadvantaged children and youth regardless of their nationality, race, religion and gender.

With the above concept in mind, and in line with international conventions on the rights of children's education and humanitarian appeals, and with a sense of responsibility for this important segment of society, we launched the organization "Educators Without Borders" in July 2019 as a global non-governmental organization to give children the opportunity to learn and build a promising future for themselves and their communities through education.

As well as developing clear development visions through a range of programs, projects, activities and events. Such as the establishment and maintenance of schools, literacy and adult education programs, training of male and female teachers, proving books, pamphlets, and uniforms. In addition to providing school meals, raising awareness of the importance of inclusive education for children with special needs through awareness campaigns, and improving the quality of education and educational curricula.

Based on the above, the organization seeks to work side by side with United Nations agencies and international non-governmental and local organizations through partnerships to support countries in their efforts to achieve the fourth goal of sustainable development objectives in order to ensure proper and universal education for all and guarantee lifelong learning.

It is our hope that we will continue to exert and implement the future planning efforts which we have set for this Organization as an exemplary model for children's education and enhance our services through joint efforts.

Dr. Karima Matar Almazroui,
Chairwoman, Educators without Borders