About Us

About Educators without Borders

The aim of the organization is to promote and provide educational services to the affected groups locally and internationally through:

  1. Providing educational and rehabilitation services for students .
  2. Teacher training to improve student’s outcomes.
  3. Providing literacy programs.
  4. The construction of schools, classrooms, libraries, and other facilities that may be required by each location.
  5. Teaching the principles of tolerance through educational integration and promoting the values of equality, pluralism and mutual respect.
  6. Employing non-academic activities like sport, the arts and music to build children's personality and enhance their self-confidence.
  7. Finding technological solutions to networking teachers and distance learning .
  8. Provide schools with educational resources such as books, curricula, resources for learning and basic teaching tools.
  9. Providing educational, psychological, behavioural and social support services.
  10. Open the fields of volunteering for all educators and others to support the objectives of the institution .
  11. Build effective partnerships with institutions that support the organization's goals .