EWBI Holds Webinar on Wellbeing in Education for Senegalese Teachers

Educators without Borders International | 2021-11-09

Educators without Borders International organized a webinar in French entitled: “Wellbeing: Perspectives from Psychology and Neuroscience” for a number of teachers in Senegal, on November 9, 2021.


The webinar discussed the role of wellbeing and the creation of positive school environments in improving the outcomes of students’ learning and increasing the effectiveness of the school education process.

It noted studies have proven that students who enjoy high levels of wellbeing have better cognitive outcomes.


In addition, the webinar indicated that wellbeing in education is the degree to which the student can interact and engage effectively in the school and that positive upbringing in education is a permeant mental state that includes flexible behavior and self-satisfaction, as well as establishing healthy relationships and experiences within the school.


It emphasized that measuring the success of the learning process should not be limited to academic outcomes only, but also the wellbeing and happiness of the student.


It also asserted that there is a reciprocal relationship between students' participation in school activities. The greater their wellbeing, the better their performance and thus their positive attitude towards learning.