EWBI holds webinar on Early Childhood Education in Conflict Zones

Educators without Borders International | 2021-11-17

Educators without Borders International held a webinar on early childhood education in conflict zones, in cooperation with Dubai International Humanitarian Aid and Development Conference and Exhibition (DIHAD), on November 17, 2021. 

The speakers asserted that providing quality education in conflict zones is an urgent development priority, noting that students learn better when they feel safe. 

They noted that education plays a key role to prevent violence and also helps mitigate the risks associated with such adversities and helps children and youth to succeed despite severe challenges.

The webinar indicated that children in conflict zones need additional support and empowerment through coaching, mentoring, and psychosocial training. The key areas of focus include building capacities, strengthening services, and building resilience in conflict areas. 

The webinar concluded that transition from the humanitarian aid to the sustainable development of education services is a joint effort of development partners and stakeholders.