EWBI Holds Course on Personal, Operational Planning for Teachers, Supervisors in Senegal

Educators without Borders International | 2022-03-30

Educators without Borders International (EWBI) held a training course on personal and operational planning for about 300 teachers and supervisors in Senegal, which was held via the virtual meeting platform from February 23 to March 30, 2022.

The training aimed to raise the teachers' planning skills and show them how to schedule and organize their work in a scientific way, as well as the importance of planning and organizing for teachers and educational institutions.

The course focused on clarifying the most important steps of personal planning, ways of setting measurable goals through easy-to-apply models, methods of preparing a time and practical plan, and transforming goals into a practical agenda.

The course also highlighted the importance of the operational plans for educational institutions, and their role in coordinating financial, material, and human resources to achieve the objectives of the strategic plan.

It discussed ways of developing operational plans, their activities, expected quality standards, desired results, staffing and resource needed, and different monitoring mechanisms.