EWBI Signs MoU with Pratiman Neema Memorial Foundation

Educators Without Borders International |

Educators Without Borders International (EWBI) and the Pratiman Neema Memorial Foundation (PNMF) signed a memorandum of understanding on education, on Wednesday, 21 September. 


Under this memorandum, the two parties seek to establish cooperation and coordination in the following areas: training of teachers, administrators, students and parents in underprivileged areas in education, and promoting a culture of volunteerism among students and university professors, to improve the quality of education in less fortunate areas, or those facing wars or natural disasters. 


Under the MoU the two parties will cooperate to organize seminars, conferences, lectures, workshops and training courses; carry out joint research and scientific projects; exchange research and working papers; and share media statements and information related to the activities and events of the two organizations through various media and social media platforms, in both Arabic and English. 


It is worth mentioning that the Pratiman Neema Memorial Foundation founded in the year 2003, is a non- profit organization located in Western Nepal, Siddharthanagar, Rupandehi district. It focuses on three main platforms: academics, research, and community engagement to bring together people and institutions to work. 


While Educators Without Borders International is an international organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. It is concerned with providing educational services for children in affected and less fortunate areas, and upgrading training services in crisis areas.