EWB Hold "Volunteering Culture in Education" Seminar

Educators without Borders | 2020-06-28

Educators without Borders (EWB) held, on Sunday June 28th 2020, a seminar by Dr. Ali Rashed AlNuami - Emirati Academic - titled "Volunteering Culture in Education", during which Dr. AlNuami highlighted the importance of establishing the culture of volunteering in education in Arab countries.

Dr. AlNuami mentioned several points during the lecture, the most important of which is the value of giving attention for the education sector and providing educational services to individuals, whether in refugee camps or developing countries, where education is a tool for developing societies.

He also stressed on the importance of volunteering and helping others in order to socialize with surrounding people; pointing out that some people start volunteering work after their retirement, to provide their best experiences for volunteering.

Dr. AlNuami also referred to the experience of volunteering in Europe by taking days off from work in order to volunteer in several fields, in addition to the ease of volunteering now through online applications to reach students through many platforms.

He mentioned different areas of volunteer work in education; such as teacher development and activities, while emphasizing on positive and productive impact the volunteering has a in changing a person’s life, and improving his self-confidence.

Dr. AlNuami also stressed on the importance of working with people of other nationalities, backgrounds and experiences, in order to enhance our skills and experiences as well, so that it can be added to the volunteer’s community.

It is worth mentioning that Educators without Borders is an international organization based in Geneva, concerned with providing educational services for children in affected regions, and improving training services in crisis areas.