EWB Hold "Effective Online Delivery"

Educators without Borders | 2020-09-28

Educators without Borders (EWB) held, on Monday and Tuesday September 28th and 29th, a virtual workshop titled "Effective Online Delivery", moderated by Dr. Philip Milton, Director of Abu Dhabi Vocational Education and Training Institutes (ADVETI).

A group of the most important experts in the educational field who work for ADVETI, participated in the workshop; Franchesca Jones, English Language Teacher at AlJaheli Institute, Wakeel Khan, Multimedia Design Instructor at AlJazirah Institute, Richard Naish, Member of English Language Department at AlJaheli Institute, Peter Marciniak, English Language Team Leader at Baynounah Institute, Marsha Baum, English Language Teacher at AlJaheli Institute, and Lana Radi, English Language Teacher at AlJaheli Institute.

The first session of the workshop centered around strategies and tools of shifting education to an e-Learning paradigm, and how to achieve that through several methods; the most important of which is presenting e-learning affordances, which was discussed by Franchesca Jones theoretically and Wakeel Khan practically, while Richard Naish explained the constraints and considerations that face e-learning system, in addition to a panel discussion on learning objectives and lesson staging moderated by Peter Marciniak.

As for the second session of the workshop; it revolved around different designing ideas for lessons; Marsha Baum started by introducing the ADDIE system for lesson planning and organization, to Richard Naish  that explained the teacher’s e-toolkit and classroom management, and finally; Lana Radi moved to the last part of the workshop, which revolved around how to overcome the challenges of e-learning.

The workshop had a great interaction among its participants, and several discussions took place in the workshop about e-learning and methods to achieve it successfully among different education systems around the world. Participants in the workshop received as well various questions from viewers around the world who watched them on the organization’s pages on social media.

It is worth mentioning that Educators without Borders is an international organization based in Geneva, concerned with providing educational services for children in affected regions, and improving training services in crisis areas.