EWB Hold "Digital Learning Applications"

Educators without Borders | 2020-10-14

Educators without Borders (EWB) held, on Wednesday October 14th 2020, a virtual workshop by Dr. Belal AlHawamdah, titled "Digital Learning Applications", in cooperation with Emirates College for Advanced Education (ECAE).

The workshop discussed several points; how to use digital applications in education, as well as identifying e-learning applications and their usages, designing educational activities using digital applications, in addition to application tools and websites’ role in supporting and enhancing distance learning.

The workshop also presented the advantages of digital applications in learning, which is providing students with flexible alternatives instead of traditional education, giving them more opportunities to acquire knowledge, as well as allowing students to choose between different and varied groups of courses, helping them develop their intellectual skills, improve their self-discipline and time management, and enhance their sense of responsibility, in addition to flexibility in different types of activities and the required time to implement them.

It is worth mentioning that Educators without Borders is an international organization based in Geneva, concerned with providing educational services for children in affected regions, and improving training services in crisis areas.