EWB Discusses Importance of Six Thinking Hats in The Education Process 

Educators without Borders | 2021-01-31

Educators without Borders organized a virtual workshop on "The Six Thinking Hats" which discussed the meaning of creative thinking its characteristics, and the importance of creative thinking strategy amid the coronavirus pandemic, on Sunday, January 31, 2021.

The workshop highlighted the thinking processes in general and the programs for teaching creative thinking using the Six Thinking Hats in particular. It also explained how the different thinking techniques can go together rather than competing and eliminating each other, thus helping solve the problem and enrich the decision-making process. 

The workshop also clarified the importance of dividing thinking into six types (colored hats). The white hat, for example, reflects neutrality and objectivity, unlike the black hat that focuses on negatives and criticism, and Ways of using each hat in the educational process to reach the best results were explained.

The participants were trained on creative thinking skills and the use of the Six Hats strategy to develop decision-making skills, solve problems, and generate alternative solutions.