EWB Holds Workshop on Creating Positive Relationships and Conflict Resolution

Educators without Borders | 2021-02-11

Educators without Borders held a workshop on conflict management mechanisms and ways of building positive workplace relationships to bolster employees’ performance, over three days, 9, 10, and 11 February 2021.

The workshop aimed to raise teachers’ awareness and skills on the importance of building a positive work environment and transforming conflicts into understanding, which helps strengthen relationships for effective teamwork.

The workshop discussed the definition of conflict, types and causes of workplace conflicts, how they evolve, the best practices, and most effective techniques for resolving workplace conflicts.

It also focused on individuals’ behaviors and their emotional motives during the conflict, clarifying the impact of conflict on the performance of individuals and groups, and some misconceptions about workplace conflicts.

The workshop highlighted the importance of focusing on available opportunities and emotional intelligence instead of wasting time on problems of negative relationships.

The workshop concluded with recommendations on the role of effective communication skills in defusing potential conflicts and the main steps for resolving conflicts.