EWB holds webinar on e-learning for students with special needs

Educators without Borders | 2021-03-10

Educators without Borders held a webinar on e-learning for students with special needs, on Wednesday, March 10, 2021. It discussed the definition and types of special needs, and the best educational strategies and practices to help this group of students in virtual learning classes.

The webinar highlighted the importance of providing support to students with special needs - especially in online learning settings - teaching difficulties, and the main challenges that teachers face during virtual classes.

It presented some online teaching methods and tools and ways of supporting students during distance learning as well as the importance of creativity and innovation in teaching for students with special needs. It also provided advice to parents about dealing with their children and how to support them during online courses.

The webinar offered some recommendations and suggestions for eliminating obstacles that prevent students with special needs from getting a quality online education.