Educators Without Borders aims to

Provide literacy programs and provide services to students of the category of those who are interested and qualified for the integration and training of teachers And teaching the principles of tolerance through the methodology of educational integration and promote the values of equality, pluralism and mutual respect

Educators Without Borders aims to

Provide educational and rehabilitation services to students and train and rehabilitate teachers to enable them to carry out their tasks effectively to ensure sustainability

‘Educators Without Boarders’ Launches in Geneva


Prominent world figure concerned with humanitarian and charity work announced on Thursday the founding of an international non-governmental organization, called ‘Educators Without Boarders’, with its headquarters based in Geneva

Who are we?

Group of passionate, experienced and qualified educators working together to help children

Why EWB ?

We aim to bring fun and laughter back to education as well as the academic success


To be one of the best international organizations in the field of offering and supporting


To lead in offering Services and educational programs that will address the needs of children with no access.

Educators offer many services

Provide educational and rehabilitation services for students and provide support and services, educational, psychological, behavioral and social and open the areas of volunteering for all educators and others to support the objectives of the institution.

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“Educators without borders” is a non-governmental organization, with headquarters in Gneef. The EDUCATORS WITHOUT BOARDERS (EWB) initiative aims to support these children, in refugee camps and/ or in post conflict areas, by having educators volunteering to work to restart their education and bring hope back to these shattered communities. This guide shows the different roles and responsibilities of the organization’s work, in addition to volunteers’ rights and responsibilities. The guide also addresses several questions that you may have.


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