Educators without Borders international aims to

Providing educational and rehabilitation services to students, and teacher training and rehabilitation to enable them to carry out their tasks effectively to ensure sustainability

Educators without Borders international aims to

Providing literacy programs and services to disabled students, to qualify them for inclusion, and training teachers for that, teaching principles of tolerance through the methodology of educational integration

Who are we?

An international organization based in Geneva, concerned with educating children in affected regions, and improving educational and training services in crisis areas


Right for Education

Equal Chances


Innovation & Creativity


Empowering the educational process in affected areas by providing education that meets their aspirations and contributes in building their communities


Providing voluntary educational programs that enable large sectors to earn quality education through establishing partnerships with other educational organizations

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Educators without Borders is a non-governmental organization, with headquarters in Geneva. The Educators without Borders (EwB) initiative aims to support these children, in refugee camps and/ or in post conflict areas, by having educators volunteering to work to restart their education and bring hope back to these shattered communities. This guide shows the different roles and responsibilities of the organization’s work, in addition to volunteers’ rights and responsibilities. The guide also addresses several questions that you may have.


In partnership with an educational organization you will obtain a voluntary certificate from the organization, creating inter ...More

Through the organization's website, you can look at the volunteer guide, which explains the organization's volunteeri ...More

Passport photos + personal photos + certificate of good conduct and behavior


Through the Volunteers Guide available on this website.


Safety, security, transport and snacks in the organization's areas of operation sites.


The Volunteer Guide of the organization guarantees you the right to submit proposals and observations .


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