Volunteers Guide


Since education represents the basis for tomorrow, we believe in "Educators without Borders" in the mutual human responsibility to ensure providing educational services for all, therefore the organization gives the chance for those who wish to contribute to this humanitarian responsibility by volunteering in projects of the organization.. the following guide shows the available areas of volunteer work, criteria for selecting volunteers, and the volunteering mechanism at "Educators Without Borders".

Why this Guide?

  1. To clarify and explain volunteer policies which establish the relationship between the volunteer and the organization.
  2. To organize volunteer’s rights and responsibilities in line with a specific institutional system.
  3. To encourage people to volunteer under a clearly defined system and fully explained goals.
  4. To maintain qualified volunteers and train them to carry out responsibilities of institutional work, and support their communities.

Conditions and Criteria for Volunteers Selection :

  1. To have good conduct and behaviour.
  2. To have relevant experience in the field they want to volunteer in.
  3. To be at least 18 years of age.
  4. To pledge to follow all organization policies.
  5. To pledge to protect the organization’s assets and confidential information.

Fields of Volunteer Work

The areas of voluntary work carried out by the organization are:

  1. Building or providing maintenance to a school or its facilities.
  2. Teaching.
  3. Teacher training
  4. Designing curriculum
  5. Designing technical and rehabilitation programs
  6. Implementing literacy programs
  7. Designing extra-curricular activities.
  8. Technology education
  9. Providing educational and awareness courses and lectures.
  10. Providing media coverage.

Volunteer Rights

Each volunteer has the right to:

  1. obtain a membership and a special number indicating volunteering in the organization,
  2. be given accurate and truthful information about the objectives and desired outcome,
  3. be assigned an appropriate and clear task,
  4. have the organization’s obligation to fulfill the voluntary activity on schedule, and not wasting the volunteer's time,
  5. be provided with sufficient training to do the job, in case it was not within the volunteer’s expertise,
  6. be provide necessary resources to help complete the voluntary work (such as electronic systems, transportation, snacks),
  7. have their confidential and personal information protected,
  8. work in a healthy and safe environment,
  9. receive a written statement from the organization specifying the details of their voluntary participation (such as the nature of volunteer activity, number of volunteer hours, etc.),
  10. attend meetings, express opinions, receive advice, direction, and guidance,
  11. know the organization to which they volunteered, and learn about its programs, activities and policies, and
  12. obtain a certificate of participation in the project they have volunteered to.

Volunteer Duties

  1. Registering and paying fees.
  2. Liaising with the employer or study to be allowed participation in the voluntary project.
  3. Providing all the required registration information and documents.
  4. Attending the induction sessions or familiarizing themselves with the voluntary tasks assigned to them through some reading materials.
  5. Protecting the confidentiality of the data and information obtained during the volunteer work.
  6. Carrying out the assigned tasks and responsibilities, to the fullest, within the specified timeframe.
  7. Complying with security, health and safety regulations.
  8. Spending the funds of the organization wisely.
  9. Providing feedback and developmental proposals.
  10. Showing respect towards all cultures.
  11. Building professional relationships with colleagues and employees of the organization and clients.
  12. Not offering, presenting, promoting or advertising any goods and services, which would result in financial benefits or personal gains during the voluntary time.
  13. Supporting the organization's social media and communication channels.
  14. Providing feedback on their participation after the completion of each project.

Voluntary Mechanism

  1. Attach requested official papers.
  2. Complete volunteer application form.
  3. Pay the nominal annual membership fees.
  4. Sign up the commitment and confidentiality form.
  5. Undertake interviews.

What the Volunteer will Gain

  1. Participating through providing feedback on the annual plan of programs and activities and evaluating them.
  2. Attending regular meetings where volunteers can voice their views, suggestions and opinions on the programs and activities they wish to participate in.
  3. Getting training by experianced volunteers.
  4. Building volunteers’ capacity in areas that they would like to develop themselves in.
  5. Having their expenses of food and transportation covered by the organization

Educators without Borders provides the volunteer with:

  1. A volunteer card valid for one year
  2. A volunteer certificate

Organization Decree of Volunteer Work

  1. The organization has the right to accept or reject a volunteer.
  2. The organization rules apply to all volunteers.


In partnership with an educational organization you will obtain a voluntary certificate from the organization, creating internal and external relations and the possibility of traveling to perform some voluntary work in the organization's areas of work abroad.

Through the organization's website, you can look at the volunteer guide, which explains the organization's volunteering procedures.

Passport photos + personal photos + certificate of good conduct and behavior

Through the Volunteers Guide available on this website.

Safety, security, transport and snacks in the organization's areas of operation sites.

The Volunteer Guide of the organization guarantees you the right to submit proposals and observations .

There are no requirements on the quality and nature of volunteering, it all depends on the agreement between you and the organization.

EwB is a non-profit organization, therefore, there are no financial incentives offered to volunteers.

Your flight and accommodation will be provided by EwB.

Yes, there are nominal annual fees to be paid by the volunteer to become a member in the organization.

Failure to meet the necessary conditions stipulated by EwB might result in the rejection of an application.